Ever fancied a complete career change? I certainly did!

Well I'm proof that it can be done! (At least I hope I am?)

In this my first ever blog post I'm going to talk about how I took on a Sweet Shop after spending most of my life as an engineer! I had no real retail experience or knowledge of the sweet shop trade.

Why a Sweet Shop?

You should have worked out by now that I am the current owner of 'Sweet Shack', a small sweet shop located on the south west coast, in the small town of Burnham on Sea.

The most commonly asked question I face is why a sweet shop? I don't really have an answer for this, all I know is I needed a change, and when I saw the opportunity to own my own seaside shop I just had to give it a go. Plus I love sweets, but then who doesn't?

A Brief Back Ground

I completed an apprenticeship in engineering back when I was a teenager and living in the midlands, I eventually went on to become the manager at the same business. Redundancy resulted in a move, and a big move it was as I ended up working in New Zealand for 2 years. Upon my return to the UK I continued in engineering for a further 3 years before I finally decided a change was required. I took over the shop in May 2017, the website was launched in October 2017 and here I am now writing my first ever blog post , hopefully I'm not making a hash of it?

Enjoy the site and the Sweets

I wont bore you with any more details of my career, I only ask that you enjoy my website and maybe even some of our tasty sweets.

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