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Has it been a year already!

Wow our little website has been up and running for 12months now. Its taken a lot of time, effort and a big learning curve to get this far. Several ups and downs along the way but I can honestly say that I'm pretty happy with the website, especially as I have no experience in building a website. (I recommend WIX if your thinking of doing something similar).

We now have well over 200 items for sale on our site, so I've been busy with my camera trying to get good product photos for our customers, certainly testing my photography skills (or lack of?). Hopefully people will be understanding if some of my product shots fall short of the high standards that they are used to from the big brands?

Hopefully I can write something a little more interesting for my next blog, but I would like to say a big thankyou to anyone who has taken the plunge and ordered from our new website and I hope you have had a first class experience.


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