A gift box containing 14 different varietys of sweets, each variety individually wrapped in a cellophane bag all delivered to your door, in a postage friendly sized box. Varietys in box are as follows:

  1. Baby Dolphins (Kingsway)
  2. Mini eggs (big bear)
  3. Fried Eggs (Haribo)
  4. Jelly Beans (Kingsway)
  5. Sherbet Lemons (Kingsway)
  6. Cola Bottles (Haribo)
  7. Bubblegum Bottles (Kingsway)
  8. Chocolate limes (Kingway)
  9. Giant Cola Bottle (Haribo)
  10. Snowies (Kingsway)
  11. Blackcurrant and Raspberry Gums (Kingsway)
  12. Heart Throbs (Haribo)
  13. Porky Pigs (Kingsway)
  14. Dolly Mixture (Kingsway)

Pick and Mix Selection box

  • A selection of pick and mix sweets individually bagged and displayed in a thin box to enable delivery through your letter box.