10 sticks of rock

Army & Navy

Beechs Ginger Fondants

Black and White Mints

Brazil Nut Toffee slab (large)

Candy Sticks

Chocolate Flavoured Footballs

Coconut Toastie

Crunchy Mint M&Ms

Everton mints

Foam Bananas

Fruits & Cream

20 sticks of rock

Baby Dolphins

Beechs Milk Chocolate Coffee Creams

Black Bullets

Bubblegum Bottles

Cherry Drops

Chocolate Limes

Cola Bottles

Dark Chocolate

Fizz Wizz (popping Candy)

Foam Shrimps

A&W Root Beer

Baby Ruth Bar

Beechs Mint Fondants

Black Jack Rock

Bubblegum flavoured Nougat

Cherry Juicy Lips

Christmas eve box (childrens)


Dark Chocolate covered toffee

Fizzy cherry cola bottles

Fried Eggs

ABC Letters

Banana Splits Eclairs

Beechs Pineapple Fondants

Black Jacks

Build your own personalised giftbox

Cherry Lips (Squirrel)

Christmas eve box (couples)

Cow Tales

Dark Chocolate with Cranberry

Fizzy cola bottles

Friendship Rings

Air heads Gum

Barely Sugars

Beechs Raspberry Fondants

Blackcurrant & Raspberry Gums


Cherry Nougat

Christmas eve box (Family)

Crazy Dummies

Dark Chocolate with Orange

Fizzy Peaches

Fruit & Nut Toffee Slab

Airheads Chew bars

Beeches Chocolate Caramel Santas & Snowmen

Beechs Rose & Violet Creams

Blackcurrant Liquorice


Chewing Nuts

Citrus fruit chews

Creamy Caramel sweets

Dolly Mixture

Fizzy Snakes

Fruit Chews

American Fanta

Beechs Coffee Fondants

Beechs Rose Fondants

Blue Party Cones

Cadbury’s Creme Egg

Chocolate Beans

Clotted Cream Fudge

Creamy Peppermint Vanilla sweets

Double Dip

Fizzy Strawberrys

Fruit Flavoured Chews

American Hard Gums

Beechs Dark Chocolate Coffee Creams

Beechs Violet Fondants

Boozer Rock Selection

Candy Cones

Chocolate covered Nougat

Coconut Ice

Creamy Toffee

Duo Toffee Selection Box

Floral Gums

Fruit Jellies

Anglo Bubbly

Beechs Dark Chocolate Fruit Creams

Belgian Chocolate covered Toffee slab (large)

Brazil Nut Toffee Slab

Candy Necklace

Chocolate eclairs

Coconut Mushrooms

Creamy Toffee slab (large)

Edible Paper Money


Fruit Salads